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Now that summertime has finally arrived, this is the perfect time to own a horse!

There are plenty of fun activities to perform with your horse, especially taking trail rides through your property or anywhere there’s a trail. But it is utterly important to protect your horse when it is outside from the summer heat.

Scorching temperatures and high humidity can be dangerous for horses, just like they can be for humans.

So it’s important to keep ample amounts of cool water available to let your horse cool down when he or she gets overheated. Even an average sized horse can consume upwards of 25 gallons of water each day anytime the temperatures rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit!

Also, when possible try to escape to the shade with your horse or head out as early in the morning as possible, in order for your horse to get to a shaded area. This will also help to combat flies, mosquitoes, or other insects also use repellent for your horse.

It’s also extremely important to replenish your horse’s electrolytes during warm summer days (once again, just like us). Just like humans, horses loss salt when they sweat and get overheated, so it’s important to give your horse electrolyte supplements, especially to workhorses. Serious electrolyte loss can result in fatigue, cramps, and colic.

And finally, use ventilation (or fans) plus cool water baths to help keep your horse healthy during the summer months. Keep the barn doors open, give your horse a sponge bath, whatever it takes. If you are hot, your horse is hot too!