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The summer days and beautiful weather offers many chances to enjoy the warmth with your horse. But whether you enjoy trail riding or need to practice for an upcoming show, here are some riding tips for you and your horse this summer season.

For you (or whoever is riding) wear light-colored equestrian apparel as often as possible, regardless if you are hanging out in the barn or riding along your favorite trail. Light colors reflect sunlight, while dark colors absorb them. So by wearing light colors, you can reduce the chances you will feel hot while being in the sun.

Also, look for clothing items that wick sweat away from your body and help keep you feeling cool. Light, stretchy fabrics that use the latest moisture-wicking technology can help you feeling cooler even once you start sweating.

And for your horse, before you go riding calculate the heat index before you head out for a ride. The heat index can help determine if the overall climate outside is safe for your horse.

Heat index can be calculated by adding the temperature and the humidity together. For example, if the temperature is 70 degrees and the humidity is 35, the heat index is 105, which is a safe day outside for a horse. But if the heat index gets too much higher than that, you are entering unsafe territory for your horse, especially if it is exerting a lot of energy.

Having a horse is an enjoyable experience, but it’s important that you take proper precautions for it’s safety and yours!